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Do you or someone you know have some inspiring…or lessons learned…volunteer stories? Let’s chat.

Need some content created for a non-profit…or a cause dear to your heart?

You can reach me at:

marney (dot) mcnall (at) gmail (dot) com

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5 comments on “Contact Me

  1. Hello Marney,

    We are working on a global site for the smallest local initiatives to become visible, it is called Perhaps you would like to contribute some of your stories, especially small local projects (that are not conneted with big international organisations and money) and literally put them on the map.
    Our effort is open source and free.

    Best regards from Berlin


    • Thanks, Kamiel! I would love to contribute stories in the near future. I so appreciate you giving me the opportunity. Your site seems like a great initiative.

      Best Regards, Marney McNall

  2. Marney: I loved Irma Bombeck’s satirical humor about life as a housewife and mother. How I miss her. And I’m fond of citing the Value of Volunteerism article to fellow club members, when we get too carried away with our judgments and criticism of other volunteers; some are not so skillful but have good hearts. We’re all just volunteers, giving up our time and energy for good aims. Irma’s words made volunteering sound almost noble.

  3. Marney, can you send me the full text of erma’s volunteer piece from 1975.
    I have used it occasionally for speeches and cannot locateit now.
    We have a volunteer luncheon today at noon for our library and would like to use it
    Mike Mcintyre

    • Hi Mike,
      Sorry, I rarely check this site since I’ve switched to my website. 🙂 I got the quote from the book “Forever, Erma: best-loved writing from America’s Favorite Humorist” Hope that can help you for future events!


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