The Power of One

One of my favorite films is the Power of One. Heard of it? Not a lot of people have, yet it’s from the director of The Karate Kid and Rocky—and both Morgan Freeman and Daniel Craig (very young) are in its supporting cast. Hans Zimmer composed the amazing music.

It’s not new; it came out in 1992. So, there are twenty years worth of films that could have supplanted it as a favorite—or even older movies I’ve seen in the meantime. But it’s still one of my top picks.

Brief summary: An English boy in South Africa, orphaned and an outcast in the Afrikaaner society, grows up during the WWII era. Along the way, he meets a German pianist, a prison inmate (Freeman), as well as one of his country’s best boxing coaches, who greatly impact his life. Later, during his high school years, the boy of course, falls for the daughter of the leader of the party instating Apartheid (which he abhors). Cue: all sorts of havoc and attempts to help the suffering populations.

What I love most about this movie is how the “power of one” not only applies to the main character, but to so many of the secondary characters as well—each doing their small part in standing up to injustice. Yes, that’s definitely what I love most about it.

I warn you, it’s not an easy film. There’s a lot of tragedy. But there’s also tremendous inspiration and hope for what one person can accomplish for so many by focusing on only a few. Here is the movie trailer. Now be nice, it’s old.

Recently, Britt over at the lovely A Physical Perspective nominated me for The Lovely Blog award. Thanks, so much Britt! The rules for acceptance include 7 things about myself.

So, 1. One of my favorite movies is…can you guess what I might say?

2. The Power of One movie is based on a book by Bryce Courtenay, but I cringe to admit the movie touched me more deeply. That happens so rarely for me.

3. I tend to have two books going at the same time…reading one fiction and one non-fiction.

4. I love spicy and saucy food, so TUMS and I are buds.

5. I love interactive cooking: having good friends come over and we have a leisurely evening cooking together. Last week, we learned to make homemade gnocchi.

6. I am definitely someone who needs to wear an apron when they cook.

7. I almost lost my eyebrows at one of our #5 events while making Julia Childs’ (in combo with the Barefoot Contessa’s) beefy burgundy. What I learned: do not set the alcohol (to finish off the sauce) aflame inside the house, especially when the burner’s still on as well as the vent. Bad. Very bad.

Now for those I’d like to nominate in turn for the Lovely Blog award: 

Jacquie Gum: who writes about all sorts of injustice (some tongue-in-cheek), but always interesting. Sometimes, it’s just lovely to laugh.

Darlene over at Diamonds on the Grass (love this title) for her lovely inspiration.

Glenn over at Glennweissel for his photographic art.

Amy who writes The Bumble Files about life at the crossroads and the bursts of loveliness she finds there.

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Marie over at Le Blog de Marie for the beauty of her photographs

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Rules for the nominees:

▪   Link back to the blogger who nominated you

▪   Paste the award image on your blog

▪   Tell 7 Facts About Yourself

▪   Nominate 15 10 7 other blogs that you would like to give the award to. (I will be a rebel in this one)

Contact the bloggers that you have chosen and let them know about the award. (Will do with pleasure)

What movies have inspired and moved you the most? Why?