Help Fight The World’s Fastest Growing Crime

Are you a poet? A writer? Do you know one?

Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world. Criminals buy, sell and trade human beings into the commercial sex industry and forced labor. Take up your pen to help combat this horrific form of modern-day slavery. Submit a poem to the Poetry For Their Freedom Contest.

Poetry For Their Freedom

First prize includes $100, a live reading at The A21 Campaign – U.S. East Coast office’s Be Their Freedom annual benefit to be held on Sept. 19th in Charleston, SC. Additionally, the winning poem will be printed in the Be Their Freedom event program and posted on The global A21 Campaign’s Instagram feed.

For submission guidelines and more information, please visit Poetry For Their Freedom at

Please forward to any poet you think would be interested in becoming an active voice for freedom!


19 comments on “Help Fight The World’s Fastest Growing Crime

    • Thanks, Pattie! I hope the contest will inspire poets and writers to find out more about the problem of human trafficking. Once you know, you can’t help but find it absolutely unacceptable.

      I loved your blog radio show the other day with Mary Alice Monroe. I also loved that she said one of the ways she really gets into characters and settings is to volunteer for a cause.

      • Lol. I’ve been trying to steer my preschoolers away from water, insects, dog poop, and baby powder – not necessarily together, but if they got the idea to combine them we’d be in some interesting situations. I also finished my book and blogging took a backseat, unfortunately. I know I need to start up again, but… Right now, I’d really like to figure out how to promote Ransomed because of the situation in Cleveland. One of my readers said the book reminded her of what she saw in the news. I sent you a brief email about it. 🙂

        Good to be back in touch with you!

  1. It’s an unbelievable and horrendous situation Marney – the world seems to be regressing and unable or unwilling to do anything about modern day slavery. My current WIP tries to raise awareness but I’m rubbish at poetry 😦 Thank you for highlighting this situation.

    • Roy, I’m glad you’re using your writing to raise awareness about HT! Wonderful. One of the main things we can do is to help change the public’s general assumption that girls on the street are there of their own choice.Traffickers/controllers use psychological manipulation and threats as much as physical beatings to keep them in line.

  2. Until the world’s governments give adequate resources to the issue then we’ll only ever scratch the surface. If combating HT was a vote winner then you’d see it cleared up overnight. While you’ve got weak/corrupt lawmakers, policing, judiciary etc the best we can do is raise awareness.


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