LiebsterThanks to Jadi Campbell for nominating me for The Liebster Award that’s intended to recognize up-and-coming blogs! I so appreciate how bloggers support one another and graciously offer introductions to new people. Personally, I’d be lost…slogging in the blogosphere without the help of friends’ recommendations.

Okay, I’m doing an abbreviated version of the rules. The official rules are:

  • Post 11 facts about yourself (I’m going for 3)
  • Answer the questions of your nominator. (Okay, yes…I’ll answer all 11 since she went to the trouble to ask them)
  • Pose 11 new questions. (I’m posing 3)
  • Post a copy of the badge on your blog
  • Nominate 11 other blogs. (I’m nominating 3)
  • Notify your selected nominees, and include links to the originating blog, as well as to new recipients.

ViandenThree Facts About Me

  • I’ve been lucky enough to travel to 33 countries
  • I just got back from 3 months in Germany. Brrr. It was cold! (I live in Charleston, SC, don’t forget)
  • One of the top countries still on my Wish-To-Visit list: Ireland

My Answers to the Questions Jadi asked:

1. Do you want to live to be 100?


2. If you dream that you can fly, where are you flying to?

Well, if I can fly, I’d go to all kinds of places.

3. What is ‘your’ song? Bittersweet Symphony

4. If you could climb in a time machine, where would you go?

2005. (I have my reasons)

5. Do you need a private space to write, or can you write anywhere? I can write most anywhere. When I have a mind to, I can block out serious levels of hubbub.

6. Are there foods you absolutely refuse to eat? Not that I’ve come across so far. But… the combination of herring, onions, mayo and pickles, common in the Netherlands…that might qualify.

7. Do you have a book you reread over and over? I tend to reread sections rather than reread entire books. But one that I did read more than once? Checkmate by Dorothy Dunnett

8. What person or past experience makes you sentimental? My father learning all the words to “Con Te Partiro” in Italian and singing them to me for the father-daughter dance at my wedding.

9. What is the best vacation you’ve ever had? Ooh, that’s rough. I’ve been blessed with a lot of them. A few of the top? Italy; Brugge, Belgium; Normandy, France; Scotland; Kenya

10. Do you believe in reincarnation? Nope. God’s too merciful to do that to us.

11. If yes, what do you hope (or worry) you’ll come back as? If no, what do you think comes next? Heaven…across a sea of silver glass…into a far green country. (Anyone get the reference?)

My Blogging Nominees: 


A Dangerous Question

Cornwall Photographic

Question markQuestions For My Nominees: (I’m sticking with my blog theme here)

  1. What cause are you most passionate about?
  2. Why does that cause matter to you?
  3. How do you plan to volunteer for that cause this year?

Actually, I ask these questions of everyone reading this. Let’s hear it!


12 comments on “Liebster

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  2. Congratulations – you sure have a full life. I envy your travel but then again God has blessed me in other ways..but I still envy it!! 😉 There are so many mission opportunities out there that we can all pick one we can make this a better place to live while we wait for our Lord to return.


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