9 comments on “Gone

  1. A few months ago I saw a movie at our church about human trafficking called, “Trade of Innocents” and it really shocked me to find out that this is happening all over the world. The writer and director, Christopher Bessette, is a member of our church and he spoke to us after the movie. Some of the things he wrote about in the movie were actual incidents that he saw when he was in Asia. We all need to take action and do what we can to stop this horrrible crime.

    • I saw that film! Mira Sorvino and Dermott Mulrohney. So glad they are championing the cause of anti-human trafficking…letting people know what’s going on. How incredible that the writer/director is a member of your church! So very moving. Please tell him he did such a wonderful job. I had a lump in my throat through most of the movie. Afterward, my husband and I just sat there, staring ahead and saying nothing as the credits rolled.

      And they did such a good job in pulling in the American audience by having the little girl be American but of Cambodian descent. So very smart to help people identify with the problem.

      • There are so many evil things going on the world that people aren’t even aware of. Our Christmas project at church this year was to raise $12,000 to buy freedom for 10 girls to get out of the slave trade and be taken care of for a year, working with them to learn a trade and become self-sufficient. The film moved so many people that we raised over $30,000 that night and by Christmas we had over $40,000 – enough for 40 girls. We were also introduced to an organization that is working to help girls right in our own region (Niagara Canada) – there were several local cases uncovered – girls ages 14 are being targeted – so scary! It’s great that people are doing what they can to help by raising awareness, donating time and money. Every little bit helps.

        • That’s great, Brenda! Keep spreading awareness! I have a feeling I’ll be in touch with ya again sometime soon. I volunteer for The A21 Campaign. Together, we can do so much.


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