Who Inspires You?

I don’t really think you can set out to “inspire” someone. Do you? I think you can definitely set out to encourage them, though.

Encouragement is not quite so lofty. It’s more like walking beside someone through the everyday stuff, not just the big dramatic moments. Encouragement takes conscious effort, whereas being an inspiration would be a nice, unexpected by-product.

I’m honored that Creative Liz and MariaGiovanna at Sharing My Italy, have both nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. This is a really sweet show of encouragement for me. And I am grateful for it.

I think it’s a blessing when the things we’re passionate about can, in turn, encourage others’ talents in ways that may be extremely different from our own.

When I started this blog, it was my hope to encourage others to:

  • Read broadly: books outside of your usual genre. You might just discover new interests.
  • Travel: and search for the bright side when itineraries don’t work out as you plan. Sometimes, those hiccups end up being your best memories.
  • Write: at least once a week, a note, email…okay, or text, to a friend who could use a little encouragement.
  • Volunteer: it won’t be conveniently timed. It never is. But later, you’ll be happy you did.
  • Experience New Foods and Cultures: Don’t look for the most familiar items on a menu.
  • Persevere and have faith: Faith makes things possible, not easy. I have this saying, hanging in my kitchen as a daily reminder.

But now, I hope these are just starting points for you.

In (mostly) keeping with the rules for accepting the Very Inspiring Blogger award…

7 (Or, how ‘bout 5) Things About Me

  1. When visiting European cities, cathedrals and old churches tend to be my first sightseeing destination.
  2. I managed to kill a cactus while trying very hard to take good care of it. (Maybe that was the problem)
  3. I love Ethiopian food.
  4. I love to cook, but baking absolutely requires the use of a timer or I burn things.
  5. I’m a Midwest girl who moved to the South many years ago and has yet to get over the novelty of having palm trees in my yard.

Very Inspiring Blogger Rules:

~Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

~Share 7 things about yourself

~Nominate 7 bloggers you admire

~Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

Bloggers who I find encouraging in their own unique ways:

Beth Vogt: a great author and woman of strong faith and perseverance, who recently returned home after being evacuated b/c of the Colorado fires. Yay! Loved reading her debut novel, Wish You Were Here and enjoy her daily offering of inspirational quotes and ideas to ponder.

Grace, over at CzechtheFlip, who is Filipino, married to a Czech, and has an American son, blogging about life and culture in the Czech Republic.

Ames over at A Dose of Good, who did a year of volunteering

Miss Zari at Travel. Culture. Food. (self-explanatory, don’t you think?)

Shari at My Writing Life, who shares my love of writing and dance.

Shelley at Fraidy Cat Confessions who shares faith, encouragement and a calling to promote awareness for a cause close to my heart, the eradication of human trafficking. She recently wrote a book on the subject.

Melissa over at Tag(g)lines, whose faith and hard work in writing  has just paid off! She just got an agent! Yay! (I know writers are supposed to be sparing of exclamation points, but there are times that deserve them.)

Who inspires you? Do they know it? Think now might be a good time to tell them?


31 comments on “Who Inspires You?

  1. Marney! Congratulations on the nomination,,, so well deserved. I’ve been loving your blog and funny how it’s the ones (you) that are inspirational without ever realizing that.

    • Jacquie, you’re so sweet to say that. I’m really enjoying your blog posts on (in)justice in its countless forms. LOTS of fodder on that subject; that’s for sure! Your incorporation of humor into such serious issues is one of your many talents.

  2. The interesting thing is, many times, we never know who we’re going to inspire or encourage as we follow God’s plan and direction. Personally, I’ve been inspired by my mentor, DiAnn Mills. Years ago, she saw something in my writing and has never let me give up. I’ve also been inspired when I see a newbie writer grow and develop, when I see their writing improve over time, when I see them live out their dedication to the craft and God’s calling and overcome obstacles.

  3. Marney,
    Your words touched my heart in ways I can’t quite express. Thank you for encouraging me today. I am so thankful our paths crossed along the writing road.

  4. Congratulations! I haven’t killed a cactus but have killed the “hard to kill” bamboo “good luck” plants. I think I cared for it too much too.

  5. Oh, you are so sweet, Marney! Thank you so much for nominating me. I think YOU are inspiring. Your love for volunteerism shows through in your blog. I think I’ve mentioned on here in the past that I work for a nonprofit which definitely could not operate (at least not in the scope we do now) without the literally thousands of volunteers who serve each year. So I love your passion for volunteering!

    Thank you for brightening my day!!

  6. Marney! What a blessing you are to me. Thank you so much for the nomination, and for the kind words about my blog and my book. I was just thinking today that I’m not sure why I blog. You redirected me and confirmed God’s calling. That definitely makes *you* the inspiring one!

    I love your posts and am so thankful that I found you in cyberspace. Maybe one of these days, we’ll meet at a writers conference. 😉 Blessings on you today, my friend.

    • Shelley, I hope we get to meet at a conference sometime, too. What you said above is confirmation to me: you can’t possibly guess just how your actions can affect someone else. I’m glad God used me to encourage you in some small way.

  7. thank you so much for the nomination!! i’m very touched that you thought of me! i thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your future posts! thanks for inspiring all of us and all the best!

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  9. Children inspire me, always. Everyday people doing selfless acts of kindness and people like you. Thank you for being a kind and caring person. The world needs lots of them.

    • I smiled when I saw the question, “Why do we do what we do?” on your blog. I ask this a lot, too. The answers are interesting, aren’t they? I don’t think we generally take enough time to ask that question. So, I”m glad you did.

      And you give me too much credit. I don’t help others nearly as much as I should. But, I’m trying to do better.

  10. Oh! Silly me, I should have realized that a blog like yours will have plenty of blogger awards already. After my first experience of receiving those, I listed you in my recommendations/nominations. You truly are inspiring!

    • Thank you! You’re really sweet to think of me. What you’re doing in Guatemala is inspiring. Keep up the good work. Funny, the novel I’ve written takes place in Guatemala (a decent portion, anyway) . I went there a long time ago and had such an amazing experience at a small orphanage. Once I finish editing, I may have to have you read some as a beta reader to check for accuracy. 🙂

  11. Congratulations and bless you for your encouragement and the inspiration you give others. Loved the saying you have hanging in your kitchen, “Faith makes things possible, not easy.” Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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