Okay, Now Look Back

When you feel like what you do, doesn’t matter, remember you climb a hill one step at a time. Now, look back and see how far you’ve come.


What place helps remind you how far you’ve come?


8 comments on “Okay, Now Look Back

  1. I recently searched through a box of cards and notes looking for something. This stockpile has been with me for years – I add cards that are special to me in some form or another. So, I’m not a hoarder, but I admit that there were several cards in there from my middle school graduation. Anyway, it was a great reminder of my journey…school, family and marriage (yep, love notes in there too). I am truly grateful.

  2. I would say Italy- it reminds me of where I’ve been as well as the possibilities of the future. In everyday life, I would say it is art work… my own and other people’s art. When I am at a museum… I love to see how we have changed as a society in our expressions through art… what was scandalous 100 years ago is no big deal today or how we express an emotion or snapshot in time varies through history.


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