Recognizing That Small Gift

Whenever I go through a time of discouragement, one of the worst pitfalls is letting myself feel isolated—listening to that jerky, little red guy on my shoulder whispering, “Nobody cares. They think you’re stupid for staying on this path so long.” Anyone out there experienced this, too?

BUT, instead of giving in to that and pulling back, where isolation becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, I’ve taken conscious note of all the different ways my family and friends keep me forging ahead. I want to recognize and say thanks for each one’s unique ways of encouraging me. I guess you could call their support: close-to-home volunteering. It’s not owed and definitely not deserved; it’s just given…and much appreciated.

Just a few examples…

I have a friend who’s great at sending encouraging notes and cards.

Another is a big supporter of my blog, always leaving thoughtful comments.

A couple of friends (and of course, my mom) read pretty much everything I write (and quickly, too…which for any writer is incredibly appreciated).

And the impact of a simple email, phone call or drop-by to see how things are going? Big. (They’re not kidding when they say it’s the little things.)

Honestly, I could go on and on, but the point is each one is a blessed connection and I hope I can be that for them, too.

Do you know somebody right now who could use a little encouragement? What are some ways your friends and family have shown you support and encouragement that have really stuck with you? What are some ways you show your support to them?


7 comments on “Recognizing That Small Gift

  1. I appreciate your encouragement of encouragers! They are often undervalued. As a full-time volunteer and fellow aspiring writer/blogger, I understand the value of encouragement. Thanks!

    • Fitting, too, since I got a bit of discouraging news today. So, I need to take my own advice and focus on those good little nuggets. Sounds like we have a lot in common…volunteer, aspiring writer/blogger!

  2. Geniune encouragement can be the best motivator. It’s interesting how people can stretch to the goals you believe they can acheive.

  3. When a success “happens”, it seems like we are sometimes slow to look beyond the obvious “author” of that success and realize just how many people may have also had a part in the victory. One of these small parts may have been a very little bit of encouragement at just the right time on the just the right day that kept the obvious author going when they were about to quit. We will never know how many life changing successes throughout history we would never have seen if there was not some unknown “behind the scenes” person there to offer a small word of encouragement at the exact right time…


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