Two Reasons Why We Raise Our Hands

Photo By Elmira College

For Loved ones. We’re going along on our merry way and then one day it hits. Someone we love is diagnosed with cancer or some other heartbreaking disease. Suddenly, finding that cure, being part of that cause, becomes important. It becomes personal.

Nancy Goodman Brinker promised her older sister she’d help end breast cancer. Her sister was Susan G. Komen, who later died from the disease at age 36. Nancy, through her grief and determination to fulfill her promise, founded the eponymous breast cancer foundation, now known as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Think she has made an impact? She is keeping her promise; keeping her sister’s memory alive; and helping prevent a mind-boggling number of others from going through what her sister did.

I think it’s important we’re sensitive to what particular causes matter to our friends and family…and more importantly, WHY. We’d want others to feel the same sense of urgency if we were in their shoes, wouldn’t we? **Oh…and for those involved in a cause, remember to thank the people who support you. There are so many good causes out there to choose from; these people didn’t have to pick yours, but they did. Be grateful.

When Disgusted and Compelled: Some things are so unjust and horrific, you feel like you have to do something about it, whether you know someone involved or not. For me, that happened after hearing Christine Caine speak at Seacoast on the issue of human trafficking. Human what? Until then, I had no idea human trafficking was such a huge problem. Modern-day slavery? Huh? Well, organized crime certainly knows what it is; it’s second only to their drug trafficking activity. 27,000,000 people forced into hard labor and sexual slavery worldwide. So now, I write for A21 Carolinas, an affiliate of the A21 Campaign to Abolish Injustice in the 21st Century.

These are only two of many many many reasons people raise their hands. What causes are important to you? And why do you volunteer for them?


2 comments on “Two Reasons Why We Raise Our Hands

  1. I first heard of A21 Campaign from Christine Cain at Catalyst 2009. Thanks for your efforts with them. And thanks for checking our my neophyte writing at my blog!

  2. Christine Caine is an amazing speaker…very galvanizing. And I am so glad for it, since human trafficking is a dark and very daunting subject. It needs someone (many someones) like her to shine light onto what’s happening out there.


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