Walking For Water

Loved doing Water Missions International‘s WALK FOR WATER this past Saturday! Great cause. Scenic 3.5 mile walk in downtown Charleston on a gorgeous spring morning. An excellent combination. I actually got a little sunburn. I’m so happy it is springtime.

This annual walk is meant to symbolize the trek that women and children have to make each day to collect water in developing countries. Everyone grabs a bucket and halfway thru has it filled to simulate this daily trek. Now I see why women carry jugs on their heads. It’s practical. Water is heavy!

Donations support Water Missions International, which is an engineering, Christian non-profit, to provide sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions to countries all over the world. There were 2,000 participants in the walk this year and volunteers from 11 states. They raised over $185,000. Based right here in Charleston, they have worked in disaster relief and development situations in over 40 countries.




Along the walk route, volunteers held up signs that gave random facts about the world water situation–including things you don’t really think about…such as going down to the river and having to watch out for snakes and crocodiles. Or on your way back with your full bucket, tripping over a rock and spilling it. So, back you go. It is easy to take for granted, the clean water that comes out of our taps every day.

Here are some photos of a Water Missions’ filtration system and the difference it makes.






In 2005, the United Nations reported lack of safe water and sanitation to be the greatest cause of illness, and often the major cause of death following a natural disaster. And water-related diseases are believed to cause 90% of the sicknesses in developing countries.

Nearly a billion people in this world don’t have access to safe water. Next time you’re in a stadium for a game or a concert try to grasp how many that really is. Look around. It’s hard to fathom even a number much smaller. A couple years ago, my husband got tickets for us to see U2 in London for our tenth anniversary. It was at Wembley stadium, which has like 90,000 seats. I doubt that I’ve ever been able to see that many people all at once. But that’s a drop in the bucket.

Water Missions has a little quiz on their website about water. It’s 30 seconds. Take it. See how in-the-know you are.

Bring your kids next year. Bring your dogs. And when you’re finished with a nice, healthy walk..there are good ‘ol barbecue sandwiches from Home Team, waiting. Just wouldn’t be Charleston without that.

What are some of the walks or runs that you have done for a good cause?


4 comments on “Walking For Water

  1. It was such a blessing to see you and Kathy at the Walk for Water on Saturday. Thank you for such inspiring reflections of your experience. We should hire you. 🙂 Thank you for partnering to provide safe and Living Water to this thirsty world. God bless you.

  2. In many parts of life, the absolute basics are the most critical . In this case, water may not be as glamorous as medical aid or building supplies but all the “glamorous” things people can donate or be a part of become nothing without plain, simple, clean water.

    Thanks for the great thoughts, Marney!

  3. Thank you for sharing this and shedding light on an important need. It is so easy for us to take the basics for granted. My kids go to the West Ashley Campus of Seacoast church and when I would drop them off for Groundswell I would see the Water Missions Internation equipment.

  4. I loved participating in this walk! My favorite part was the informative signs volunteers held along the route with facts about the lack of water around the world. I thought I knew a lot about it, but I was wrong. There are so many ways we can make an impact and solve the water issues of so many. It’s all about education…imagine that:) Thanks for getting us involved in this Marney!


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