Volunteering Your Voice

We use our voices to let our opinions be known, to communicate what matters to us and promote awareness of causes we believe deserve immediate attention, but one of its most beautiful uses is…to sing.

There is something about the singing voice that transcends barriers between us all…especially at this time of year. Often, we don’t even have to hear the words. It is more the feeling it conveys. (A difficult thing for me to admit as an aspiring writer, who relies on the written word).

Recently, the Opera Company of Philadelphia Chorus and 650 choristers from the area gathered at Macy’s Center City Philadelphia, to intermingle with the public going about their holiday business and offer them the gift of their voices.

Over the last few years, in particular, I’ve heard of choral groups and dance troupes gathering in busy places like train stations and student centers to give freely of their talents and lighten people’s hearts. I’ve had this video sent to me by a couple of different friends and thought I’d pass it along….the modern version of Christmas caroling.



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