Crime and Punishment

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We live in a country where community service often serves as punishment for misdemeanors. Hmm. What does that say?

Useful…but sad that it has to be that way, don’t you think?


4 comments on “Crime and Punishment

  1. As someone that volunteers because I want to and not as a form of punishment there are several personal benefits to volunteering. You forget about your problems and realize that someone else has it much harder than you. There is a sense of accomplishment- that you are making a difference. You also tend to do some self reflection while volunteering. My hope is that when people are volunteering as a form of punishment- the same “benefits” happen for them. Also as a taxpayer, I would much rather have minor criminals doing something to make the world a better place than paying for them to spend some time in jail.

  2. While I do think it is a good way for those convicted to give back, I think you are right in that it can send the wrong message. The Adopt-A-Highway campaigns seem a much more positive way to get the same kind of work done. We really need to view community service as more of a privilege and an honor than a punishment.


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