Instilling the Volunteer Mindset in Your Kids

It’s never too early and there are many different ways. But, for college students interested in learning about international, sustainable development and maybe contemplating a future in that area, Semester at Sea (SAS) is something to consider. It’s learning in the field (several different countries) as well as in a classroom (onboard a ship, of course). SAS added a short-term voyage next May that has a curriculum based on the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. It’s open to college students around the world and any major. It’s not exactly cheap, but I’d say it’s economical for everything you get.

Check out the video.

Many years ago, I went on SAS, so I’m partial to the program. But, I can tell you that when they say it’s a life-altering experience, they mean it. Oh…and for teachers…if you apply to teach on a Semester at Sea voyage, I believe your family can go, too. (Specifics of that, I leave to you). But watching the kids interact in the countries and on the ship is amazing and worth several separate posts.


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